• This eBook links perfectly with the CricketHERO development chart (featured FREE download on the Home page), and is the next step to playing, coaching and equipping your pre-schooler in their physical and emotional development while improving their cricket skill at the same time.This book gives you some practical handles on your approach when teaching or playing cricket with your child.
  • CricketHERO drills and games were originally developed for our CricketHERO pre-school extra mural program. All of the games and drills are done in the schools we are involved with.Now we have made this available to parents for home use.This book is perfect for parents looking for creative ideas for play and learning, play-dates with other young athletes, greater amounts of intensity on different aspects, giving the athlete more activities to do at home.Each drill and game gives a breakdown of difficulty level, duration of play, repetition guideline, useful technical handles to watch for and safety precautions.
  • Your very first cricket trial can be extremely daunting and intimidating. We have seen many amazing cricketers not making the team because of trial pressure. d.Preparing for trials is unique to the trial set-up and understanding of what coaches are looking for at the net session. This eBook doesn’t pertain to playing out in the middle at all.To help our athletes further,, we offer video analysis and technical courses for parents and children that really want to make the A teams and beyond. film your athlete (we have tutorial guides for that as well) and send it to us; we edit and analyse the footage, and give you personalised feedback and a program to aid development moving forward.
  •  CricketHERO Home is our premium pre-school cricket set. Specialising in ages from 3 – 6. Our Home sets are specifically designed in weight, size and function to be age appropriate and optimised for maximum learning, fun and development.The perfect start to a pre-schooler’s budding cricket career. With the growing need for gross motor skill development and appropriate educational products to encourage our children to move and play outside, this is the perfect product for parents.

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